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“The Seventh Dwarf is a cute, clever, and creative story merging many popular fairy tales together. This animated film also includes some fun, toe-tapping songs….The Seven Dwarfs are a fun little bunch. They even have their own song they sing while walking in line. It’s not quite the “High Ho” song from Snow White but it is just as catchy. Viewers will find they cannot get that song out of their head once the dwarfs start singing…..Both children and their parents will enjoy this story of a brave little dwarf. There are many fun items and characters in the film that reflect on several other fairy tales. This mash-up of stories is done in a cute and enjoyable way. Join Bobo, Cooky, Cloudy, Sunny, Tschakko, Speedy, Ralphy, along with Jack, Burner, and a gang of fairy tale characters in this imaginative new look at a classic story.” – Francine Brokaw, FAMILY CHOICE

“A fairy tale spoof that mashes up Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and other fairy tales in a time traveling, mad cap adventure story.” – Peter Simek, DALLAS MAGAZINE

“kid-friendly!” – VARIETY

 “an original, fun, charming and endearing film that has everything to offer. The animation is so well done, a story that is different along with singing and dancing — and from the most unexpected characters…The Seventh Dwarf” is a film that everyone in the family will enjoy.” – Jeri Jacquin, MILITARY PRESS

“fairy tale mash-up is adventurous enough to entertain younger viewers… Bobo is tiny and babied by his fellow dwarfs, but he's also got a big heart and a willingness to throw himself into the fray to save Rose and the kingdom. It's easy to see younger kids rooting for him to save the day… a 90-minute diversion, it's got enough action, music, and accessible plot to engage young kids” Sandie Angulo Chen, COMMON SENSE MEDIA

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